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Senado Square

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Senado square (Senate square) is located in the heart of Macau. Since the days of presence in the territory of Macau, a Portuguese colony, the area is considered a major center of social life of the population of this city, and is also a venue for various events.

The area has a square shape, along its perimeter are numerous fountains, pedestrian area, benches and walkways with bushes. Around the square are situated the historical part of the city municipal buildings and attractions.

On one side of Senado square is located at the municipal Bureau of civil Affairs, which was called earlier by the Senate. Opposite this building is the Holy House of Mercy, built in the 16th century. This is one of the oldest and still functioning institutions of China.

In the far corner of Senado square is the St. Dominic's Church, built in Baroque style. The Church is famous for its historical Museum located in the old cupola and altar. On the third floor of this building is a Museum of sculptures, paintings and liturgical objects.

The pavement of Senado square paved with stones in the form of wavy pattern. In 1990 the square was reconstructed and the pavement re-laid white-and-black plates. One of the features of the square - a very European look. Only the abundance of Chinese people can understand that this scene refers to the Chinese city.

Around the area there are many restaurants with national cuisine and shopping centers. During holidays such as Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, with Senado square run numerous fireworks, as well as organize traditional dances with a dragon and a lion.