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Saint Sophia Cathedral

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Saint Sophia Cathedral attracts the attention of tourists coming to Harbin for its original architecture, combining the classic Byzantine style with elements of Orthodoxy. The beginning of the construction of the Cathedral refers to 1907, when it was originally built a wooden building that served as a Church for Russian East Siberian shelf. In 1911 and 1923 the Church was considerably enlarged and renovated, but the final illumination took place only in 1934, under the leadership of the local Archpriest.

When the Russians started to leave Harbin, the temple fell into disrepair, and during the cultural revolution was planned his destruction. The city authorities gave the Shrine building as a warehouse, shop and hostel. The revival of the Cathedral began in 1997, when representatives of the local Orthodox community, a decision was made about the restoration of the structure. To this end, around the Cathedral was demolished several residential areas on the territory of which is now a vast area.

In 2006 completed the final reconstruction of the temple complex, including a draft of the accommodation on the ground floor of the hall for exhibitions. The building of the Cathedral was particularly attractive, as the perimeter of the installed modern illumination equipment consisting of multiple halogen bulbs. The result is an architectural composition of great beauty, illuminated in the evening hours.

It is worth noting that the temple is included in the list of protected cultural sites of China and plays a significant role in preserving the traditions of Russian Orthodoxy.