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Theme Park "Happy valley"

Photos and description

One of the most modern amusement Park called Happy valley in Shenzhen is located in Nanshan district. In the construction of the Park project has invested more than one billion yuan, was established on a Grand scale recreation facility that meets modern safety requirements. The Park covers an area of 350,000 square meters, on which there are such thematic areas as the water Park "Beach Maya", Plaza of Spain, Sunny beach, Adventure in the mountains and forests, Shangri-La woods, gold mine Town, Typhoon Bay and Happy times. Each part is a separate mini-complex with attractions, beautiful recreational areas and fukurami. In addition, in the "Happy valley" every day there are numerous shows, attracting the best artists of circus and theatre. Tourists from different countries can choose their own route as Park of a sufficient number of signs in English, and at the entrance, issued a detailed plan of the area.

The number and variety of amusement rides, imported usually from Europe, impresses tourists from the first visit. Especially popular among adult visitors fastest coaster "Spaceport" and the North pole, and for children ideal water slides of various heights at the water Park and a fascinating excursion into the country favorite cartoons. After an active day you can stroll among the lush gardens and enjoy the beautiful scenery. In the evening of the day on the beach begins a magical light show with the use of innovative technologies in the field of illumination.