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National Park Wutongshan

Photos and description

National Park Wutongshan is located near the mountain Wooton, consisting of a system of interconnected hills and is the pride of the city of Shenzhen. The design of the Park was developed by the leading experts in the field of landscape design, the result has been to create a Grand recreation complex, surrounded by picturesque landscapes and striking with its large scale. The main area of Wutongshan spread on the hills and is divided into themed areas such as entertainment and forest.

During the construction of the Park, the architects focused primarily on features of natural terrain. Therefore, the priority of the management became active tourism, including mountain climbing and other kinds of extreme sports. With this, the first area of the Park was equipped with a special high-tech safe slopes of different difficulty levels. Currently, Botosani receives a significant number of tourists from all over China who want to spend free time with advantage for health.

Another part of the Park is a combination of artificial planting and natural landscapes. Here you can see the comfortable Seating area, climb to the observation deck, with a height which offers mesmerizing views of Shenzhen and stay in the lap of nature away from the bustle of the city and listen to the melodic singing exotic birds. Visitors come to the Park early in the morning in order to have time to explore every corner of this unique place.