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Xintiandi is also called the "French quarter" due to the fact that in this part of town was once the French concession. Approximate time of appearance of Xintiandi - 1849, it was at this time he was marked on the city maps. After 11 years, the boundaries of the old district has expanded greatly, and in 1917 began congregating here Russian refugees from the revolution. To the 20-30-th years of the Russian population amounted to a third of the total foreign population in Shanghai.

Today the French quarter is called the part of the city, which is located between the streets Huaihai and Cthulu. This area is considered the most beautiful, romantic and unusual area of Shanghai. Especially attractive is the place for Hiking. Building, very old in appearance, strongly reminiscent of classic European quarter. All the houses in the area kept in its original form. Doors, pavers, brick walls, balconies - all this creates in Xintiandi atmosphere of the 1920-ies.

The most noteworthy building of this quarter is the House-Museum of 1 Congress of the Communist party of China. This Museum contains wax figures of Mao TSE Tung and his colleagues, as well as many photos.

The main street where you can find all restaurants, tearooms and bars in the area, called Andong Liu. Nearby is the house in which he lived 1918 to 1924, sun Yat-sen. Apartment sun completely renovated and reconstructed in its original form, including the gramophone on the shelf and lots of books. Near his home is the former residence of the first Prime Minister of the people's Republic of China - Zhou Enlai.

Street Maoming Nan Liu is famous for an abundance of clubs and bars, many open until the early hours. The main shopping street of Xintiandi is considered Huaihai Zhong Lu, and the intersection of the street and Shaanxi Nan Liu is the main market of the Shanghai Xiangyang, which is sold almost everything: clothes, shoes, Souvenirs and home appliances.