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Zoo and Botanical garden of Changchun

Photos and description

In the Southeast of Changchun are located the Botanical gardens and the zoo. Their area is 75 hectares. This unique project was implemented in 1938 and was known as "the Botanical garden of Beijing". Later part, where there was a Botanical garden and zoo expanded from year to year and by 1987 was a unique preserve for wildlife, including recreational and entertainment areas.

Currently, the landmark attracts a large number of tourists and locals who can not only get acquainted with various species of flora and fauna, but also to have a great time in an amusement Park. The whole territory is divided into thematic parts, a visit to which is a separate tour.

The zoo management is making utmost efforts for breeding, preservation and reproduction of individuals of more than 200 species in artificial environment. Therefore, the animals usually found in the free cages, and visitors watch from the sidelines. A special pride of the zoo are considered such rare species as the Golden monkey, pandas, tigers, black crane, rhinos etc. the birdcage was designed by the famous architects that allows birds to navigate over long distances, feeling secure.

After the zoo visitors are invited to stroll through the pretty alleys, feeding the red carp in the pond, enjoy the scenery and watch a fascinating show-program with attraction as the artists of both animals and birds.