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The complex "Eastern overseas Chinese town"

Photos and description

Entertainment complex "the Eastern overseas Chinese town" is located in the heart of Antani close to Shenzhen. A vast territory with a total area of 9 square kilometers, lies in a picturesque location on the beach of Dameisha, which allows not only easy access to the city complex, but also to see the beautiful scenery. "Eastern overseas Chinese town" is thematically divided into two major parks: "the Valley Ecoventure" (Ecoventure Valley) and "Resort tea valley stream" (Stream Resort Valley).

Tourists typically start their journey through the complex with the first part, where you can visit the lagoon with a giant waterfall and gardens, wander through the narrow streets of Seafield village and to try to climb to the Peak of highland. In the village there is a large number of cafes, old buildings and small shops selling traditional Chinese Souvenirs.

"Resort tea valley stream" is famous for its numerous pavilions and pagodas, arched bridges and weightless bamboo groves. The atmosphere in this place imbued with tranquility and calmness. Upon request, visitors are invited to enjoy high tea and buy a healing drink at reasonable prices.

Some noteworthy attractions of the complex, like the winery, the reconstructed Swiss village, canyon, theater, Golf course, tower xinxing and tennis courts. An ambitious project impresses the most discerning tourists with its enormity and uniqueness.