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Baiyun Mountain

Photos and description

Baiyun mountain is one of the places of interest in Guangzhou. Her name is translated into Russian language as "mountain of the white clouds". The mountain itself has thirty peaks and is within 7 kilometres from the city centre. To get to it, you can use the electric car or walk. In addition, for the convenience of tourists the organized work of the funicular.

Here you can see the peak Motilin, which is mostly shrouded in clouds, to visit the Botanical garden of Guangzhou to visit the mansion, Minjoo, to see the temple Nanjingshi and to drink from the source Lulun. On top of the mountain there are many souvenir shops, various restaurants and eateries.

Yuntai garden, called the pearl of the mountains in the area, where it grows countless exotic plants and trees. Just because of this, Guangzhou is famous as "city of flowers", and he justifies this title. The total garden area is more than 120 square meters. For a garden-style mansions in South China provinces, located South of the mountains cinline.

In one of the zones is also a sculpture Park, which is made in modern style, in another area is huge aviary - the largest in the country, called the house for all the local birds.

There on the mountain, and the stunning beauty of the lake, where the water is so transparent that you can see everything a few meters deep.

The upper station is located at the top of the mountain, directly in the Park, and the lower is in the Yuntai garden, in its Eastern side.