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Moon hill

Photos and description

Moon hill is an unusual shaped mountain which is 10 km away from the resort area of Yangshuo. His fame peak gained due to the fact that at its center there is a hole shaped like a Crescent moon. This fact has brought sorrow to immense popularity literally every day in the tourist season, people travel to this natural attraction.

It is believed that the hole in moon hill is reminiscent of several different phases of the moon, what happens when you change the shape of the hole depending on what angle you look at it. The diameter of the cave is 11 meters. With the top of the mountain panoramas of rice fields, hills and river valleys Do.

To get to Moon hill either by bike or with a guide in a small tour or rent a moped. For self-guided tours can be pre-purchased map. Distance 10 km, usually takes a couple of hours, but after it will be necessary to climb the mountain. To save power, just to get to the mountains on a moped or bike.

The ascent is by stone steps, of which there are more than a thousand - it will take about an hour. It is recommended to put on shoes as comfortably as possible. From the top of the karst mountains overlooking the surroundings of Yangshuo. Among other famous karst hills around Yangshuo, you can call peak Bronze Mirror, also known as the Green Lotus, the rock Crab, a Swan, a man and a Woman, a Dragon's Head. All these hills were formed more than three hundred years ago, before they were limestone, which rose from the bottom of the sea, and over the years, the water washed into the cliffs, intricate caves and quaint arches.

Entrance to the Moon hill paid, and at the foot of the mountain has a small cafe - very convenient for a light snack before the way back.