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The history of the zoo in Qingdao has its roots back to 1915, when the Park Jungsang with several enclosures, which was placed a wild animal. In the future, the zoo gradually expanded, and in 1977 was moved to a new location in the mountainous hills of Victoria. Currently, the zoo is considered one of the largest in China and covers a wide area, which boasts a number of thematic areas.

The zoo management is making utmost efforts to create comfortable conditions for all species of animals and birds brought from different countries. Therefore it was decided to make available enclosures for predators, so the animals feel safe and in a natural environment. The pride of the zoo is the red Panda, leopards, gorilla, Chinese badger, a large number of reptiles, and representatives of the primates.

The zoo is refined and looks well maintained: paved paths, arched bridges, small ponds with blooming lotuses, zone Podgora, original floral arrangements, convenient plans of travel in Chinese and English - all of this can be seen by visiting the attraction. As additional programs tourists are invited to see the show-program with participation of tigers and lions, feeding the red carp inhabiting the pond, take pictures with monkeys or go horseback riding. To move around the zoo both on foot and on a comfortable train which stops outside of each enclosure.