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Botanical garden of Wuhan was built in 1956 for the purpose of support and development of horticulture in China, as well as for a variety of studies of local flora, attracting the best scientists from all over China. The location of the garden on top of a mountain of Mosab, on the shores of lake Donghu was not chosen by chance, as for the breeding of rare species of plants needed ideal climatic conditions. It is worth noting that the total number of species of flora, located in the Park, includes about 4000 species.

The garden is divided into 13 thematic areas, among which the most popular with visitors is the area of the blossoms, the rhododendron gardens and grounds with numerous plum trees. Each part of the garden is an artificially created unique example of landscape design. To do this, the garden is constantly expanding its contacts with leading international organizations which are the best specialists in the field of landscaping of garden plots. Thus, in the framework of the days of Dutch culture in the garden were planted more than 650 types of tulips, symbolizing international friendship between the two countries.

Along with the exhibitions of different levels in the garden is actively conducted mass cultural, historical and sporting events, playing a significant role in the life of China. In specially equipped pavilions for the gardening enthusiasts lectures on the care of plants, but in a separate building you can see the well preserved skeleton of an elephant, figurines of stone, in imitation of Chinese food and giant crystals.