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The Temple Of The Sun

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The Sun temple is one of the most popular Chinese temples. It is located about ten kilometers from downtown Beijing, to the East of the Forbidden city, and belongs to the four most famous altars such as the Temple of Earth, Temple of Heaven, Temple of the moon. Today this temple is a revered and popular place, protected by the laws on the protection of cultural and historical monuments.

The temple itself is located in Chaoyang district, also known as the "Park of Ritan". It was built during the reign of the Emperor of the Ming dynasty in 1530 for rituals of sun worship. During the war the temple was destroyed, but in 1951 Beijing authorities conducted a reenactment of the work and restored the temple for 5 years, after which it became open to tourists. The total area of the temple area - about 20 hectares.

The altar of the Sun is not quite normal in the broadest sense of the word "temple", since the temple itself is missing. In the place where in ancient times sacrifices, erected an altar with a height of about 2 metres, square shape. The altar is made of white stone and from all sides to it are the steps. Around the altar is built a low wall, lined with green glazed tiles. In stone walls there are 6 gates, 3 of them go to the Western part, and 1 - to the North, South and East. Over the main gate one can see the furnace of iron of large size, in which they used to burn the sacrifices to the Sun God.

Also in the Park "Ritan" is "Divine pavilion", a few round of pools, a lake with an arched bridge, where there is always cool water. Nearby is a beautiful garden with peonies, flower beds and recreational facilities, located on the West side of the Park.