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Beiling, or "Park North tomb", is the hallmark of Shenyang, and is a unique Park complex on the territory of which there are several extensive areas. The Central part Balina forms the memorial complex including the tomb of Emperor Huang Taiji, who ruled during the Qing dynasty. The construction of the tomb began in 1643 and was finished in 1651, after which most of the relatives of the Emperor were buried in this place.

In 1927, the Chinese government decided to allocate a separate area for the tomb, and around to plant the Avenue of trees. This event marked the beginning of the creation Balina.

Currently, area 3 300 000 square kilometers is a pine forest with old trees, numerous artificial lakes, ancient pavilions, stone gazebos, sculptures of sacred animals and other historic sites, each of which is a historical heritage of China.

The tourists visiting Beiling, note its picturesque landscapes, well-equipped recreation areas and a peaceful environment to relax away from the bustle of the city. In the evening the Park is illuminated with colorful lights, and a small makeshift stage start interesting performances with participation of creative collectives of the city. Each year the Staff hosts a variety of themed activities aimed at the preservation and development of various types of traditional Chinese art.