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The Bund

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The Bund - symbol of Shanghai, has a second name "the Fair architecture of 10000 States". Translated from the Chinese name "Shanghai" means "Outer coast".

On the shores of many European colonial buildings, where once upon a time worked with banks and various commercial enterprises of the USA, England, Belgium, Japan, Germany and France. Consulate General of the Russian Federation is still the same.

The length of the entire promenade is a mile from the Jin Lin street (South side) to the bridge Waibaidu spanning the Bay, Suzhou (North side). The promenade runs along the entire Western shore of the Huangpu river, which is one of the main tributaries of the Yangtze. The total length of the Huangpu river - 115 miles.

On the Western part of the waterfront there are 52 houses in the Gothic revival style, neo-classical, art Deco and others. Thanks to buildings of the Bund referred to as the architectural Museum of Shanghai.

The most notable building on Vitani is the HSBC building, the hotel "peace Hotel" and the Shanghai customs. The hotel was built in 1929 thanks to the efforts of the Sassoon family. At first the building was called "Cathay Hotel". The building has 12 floors in height it is about 77 meters and its appearance resembles a Gothic skyscraper. Hotel floor is made of marble and columns, lamps and Windows are striking expensive chic finish.

The building of the "HSBC Building" currently houses within its walls the office of "Bank of Shanghai", and earlier it was the headquarters of the Bank.

The customs building was erected in 1927 on the same location as the building Department, which was built in traditional Chinese architectural style. The clock on the building was manufactured in England and are reminiscent of the famous clock "big Ben".

The Bund - a very popular tourist destination and one of the most popular places in Shanghai. In order to keep this place in its present form, as a unique monument of architecture, the authorities do not allow the construction of tall buildings on the square near the waterfront.