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Park South

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In the southern part of Changchun is the large and picturesque garden and Park ensemble, called Nanhu (South Lake Park). A larger space of the Park are lakes, whose area is about 900 thousand square kilometers. The level of purity of water in the South lake in a positive way different from other parts of China, so the garden decided to plant along the coast rare species of trees that are well adapted to the local climate and become part of the picturesque landscape.

Well-groomed area of the Park contains flower beds of different sizes and configurations, arched suspension bridges, made by all the canons of garden landscaping, pavilions, original compositions from stones, amazing willow thickets and small ponds with magnificent lotuses. In summer time the Park hosts festivals and concerts with participation of the best collectives of a city. Locals come to the South to spend time in a quiet environment surrounded by nature, away from the bustle of the city. For regular customers designed private picnic areas and fudgery, where you can try traditional Chinese food.

In winter the Park becomes a wonderful place located in same space as a natural ice rink and an entertainment area, offering visitors a ride on a sleigh pulled by camels, horses and dogs, and to enjoy the winter landscape. The Park is open to the public daily, allowing you to visit the attraction year-round at any time.