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The center of Buddhism Nan Shan

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The largest center of Buddhism Nan Shan is located about 50 km from Sanya. It's not just attraction, there are the rites of worship, Buddhist rituals, and different celebrations. In Nan Shan attracts Buddhists from all over China, but also from around the world.

In fact, Nanshan is a large Park, which covers almost 50 sq km In a specially constructed small island connected to the coast by a thin isthmus, there is a bronze statue of the goddess Guan Yin. I can not believe, but the height of the statue is 108 meters. For comparison, the well-known Statue of Liberty in new York has a height of 93 m.

In one of the temples is another impressive statue, embodying Kuan Yin. It is made of pure gold, and its weight is 140 kg. the Goddess is decorated with precious stones and placed on a pedestal of white jade, made in the form of a large Lotus flower. But this statue is famous throughout the world not so much your weight as the fact that inside it contains the ashes of Sakyamuni Buddha, who lived 2,500 years ago and founded Buddhism. This makes the statue not only the symbol of religion, but also a special object of worship.

Nan Shan is a complex consisting of a temple, longevity valley and two parks, called the "Way of mercy" and "Happiness and Prosperity". In the center of the square related to Nan Shan, three are turtles, symbolizing three generations. These images in national traditions remind us of the respect for old age, peace and prosperity in the family. Interesting and Gong good Luck, which certainly need to hit to let go of all anxiety and trouble.

Overall, Nan Shan is the perfect place to find peace and contemplation of the beautiful. The Park fulfilled all the law of Feng Shui and represents a harmony between man and nature.

For the Chinese, the Nan Shan - the standard of Holy places. They come here to pray the goddess Guan Yin people ask the most secret desires. They burn incense and tied to a tree red strip of cloth with a prayer, and then go to the statue of the goddess on the bow. All visitors of the temple on the exit offer to purchase a Golden card with a picture of the goddess which will bring good luck and grant the desire.