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Hot baotu springs

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In the center of Jinan near the old part of town are hot springs Baotou, included in the complex named Park. This place is quite known among tourists and locals due to the unique properties of water contained in the sources. The total area of Baotou covers an area of 105,000 square kilometers, on which there are ancient buildings, tea pavilions, clean ponds, and other attractions.

Bato was opened to the public in 1956 and consists of 72 mineral springs, the first mention of which was recorded over 3000 years ago. Pool Bato is a water space of rectangular shape of 30 meter length and 18 meter width. The main stream of water flows from a limestone cave all day and night in the amount of 240 thousand cubic meters, because of the peculiarities of geographical location. The average temperature on the surface of the water is around 18 degrees throughout the year.

The scenic surroundings of the sources include numerous landscape plantings, flower beds and fountains. Separate pride of Bato are considered to be specialized facilities intended for the preparation and tasting of different varieties of tea, prepared on the basis of water source. According to popular legend, the man who had been drinking a medicinal drink to have a good health and gain peace of mind.

Every year in this amazing place is such traditional events, like the lantern Festival and is known throughout China chrysanthemum exhibition, brought from all over the world.