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South China Botanical garden

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At a distance of 8 kilometers from the city of Guangzhou is the oldest and largest South China Botanical garden, an area of more than 740 hectares. The date of Foundation of the garden is 1929, when at the initiative of the botanist Chen Juanita began construction of a Grand at the time of the landscape complex to study and preserve rare species of tropical plants. On the basis of the garden is still actively working scientists from around the world working on issues of ecology and systematization of biotechnology. A major tourist attraction better known as "tropical and sub-Tropical Botanic Museum", which is quite justified, since in large areas you can see about 2400 varieties of tropical flora.

The garden comprises three separate areas: exposition, research, and children's with special areas for children. In the exposition area represented greenhouses, which are planted plants, dwarf trees, bushes and cacti. Here you can not only enjoy the exhibition, but also to buy plants. A special pride of the garden is a rich collection of succulents and lithops. All rooms are equipped with modern technology to maintain optimal temperature and provide of plants the favorable atmosphere.

In the research area academic pavilions and buildings, which are periodic conferences, seminars, round tables and other scientific activities aimed at the preservation and cultivation of rare species of exotic plants around the world.