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Yuyuan Garden

Photos and description

Yuyuan garden is considered to be an amazing place in Shanghai. Translated from the Chinese name of the garden translates as "joy" or "repose". Really, this place is a corner of relaxation and joy among the huge contemporary metropolis with its traffic jams and the rapid rhythm of life.

The Yuyuan garden there are already more than 400 years. It was built during the reign of the Ming dynasty in 1559. The founder of the garden was the pan Undoing that spent on the construction of almost all their savings. But after his death nobody cared for the garden, and he quickly fell into disrepair. Finally, in 1956, local city authorities decided to restore the garden, and they managed to get the place almost to its original appearance.

Yu is amazing the number of architectural structures: gazebos, bridges, arches, terraces. And none of them are the same. The Park area constituting slightly more than 2 hectares of land, divided into 6 parts. All the pieces are linked by passages and galleries that are not made randomly, but according to the rules of Feng Shui to correct the direction of movement of qi energy.

Tourists can visit the ancient tea Hosington. The transition to it is a stone bridge with 10 sharp turns that are designed to ensure that the evil spirits could not enter the building. In the garden there is a huge stone dragon with a toad near the mouth.

Near the garden there is a large shopping district, where you can buy anything you want. Most importantly, it does not get lost.