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Temple Of Confucius

Photos and description

The Confucius temple is the only temple complex in Shanghai, which is dedicated to this great thinker of antiquity. It was built in 1294. Initially, the temple was used as an educational institution.

The building was many times destroyed and rebuilt. In the end its modern form it acquired in 1995, was produced when the last big reconstruction of the temple.

The building of the temple of Confucius is a concentration of wisdom, harmony and absolute tranquility. Everything here has to ensure that a person to relax and think about eternity, and time in the temple as if flows slower.

Walking through the temple, you can see the statue of Confucius and the several Buddhas. Sculptures of stone in the courtyard to tell visitors about the life and art of the ancient times. In addition, on the temple grounds, you'll dvenadtsatimilnuju pagoda.

Inside the temple visitors are invited to purchase a leaflet where you can write your wish. After this flyer should be placed with the others and wait for the fulfillment of desires. It is believed that Confucius will help everyone.

At the end of the tour you can visit the teahouse on the temple grounds. Here is a Chinese woman in traditional clothing holds a tea ceremony for anyone wishing to plunge into the atmosphere of ancient traditions.

In addition, the Church conducted a book Bazaar which is the biggest in Shanghai. And nearby is a street where every Sunday and sells a variety of books.