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The twin towers of Guangzhou

Photos and description

In the Central part of a major Chinese metropolis of Guangzhou since 2006 and to this day is building highest twin towers that blend harmoniously into the architectural ensemble of the international financial centre of the city. To date, fully completed the construction of the Western skyscraper (Guangzhou Twin Towers West Tower), and the second tower will be completed in late 2016.

Height of Western towers is 437 feet, which is the indicator of the second highest building in China. In the development of the project active involvement of British architects, with significant experience in the construction of skyscrapers in other countries. The concept of the project is that the tower must be not only visually attractive but also the most functional. Therefore, it was decided to give the skyscraper a triangle shape with smoothly contoured edges that extend in the center and narrow near the roof. This sleek design of the tower gives a special grace. All the building is lined with large glass panels, which creates an amazing play of light on the sun. Through a complex system of floors of the tower connected to another building located in the immediate vicinity.

Inside the skyscraper are about 4 parks, the world-famous five-star Four Seasons hotel (70-98 floors) and a huge number of restaurants, food courts and shops. The top floor is a viewing area, where tourists can see the city from a different perspective, as well as a helipad for special visitors.