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Yellow crane tower

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Yellow crane tower (yellow crane tower branch) is an architectural and historical symbol of Wuhan city. The construction of the tower began in far 222 year during the reign of Emperor Ying Zheng, then the pagoda has been repeatedly destroyed and built again. Originally the tower was an important post in Wuhan, which are monitored overseas in the area of the Yangtze river. Over time this is the oldest pagoda has become an iconic and famous landmark of China.

The tiered roof is yellow, done in the laconic style resembles the wings of a crane. In Chinese folklore there is a legend that a man named Shin came to the meal man. Shin fed him, taking for their service the money and the old man was coming every day for 6 months. When the old man left, he drew on the wall of Sina small yellow crane with juice from orange peel. Cost the Blues two times clap your hands like a bird came to life and began to entertain her master dancing. After 10 years the old man came back, sat down on a yellow crane and flew away, and then the Blues in the memory of the crane built the tower.

Today, around the tower is a large Park with various statues and monuments, dedicated to different periods of China's history. Before entering the tower you will be greeted by a statue of Mao Zedong at the bottom of which is engraved his poems about the pagoda. Inside the tower is now a Museum, which incorporated a collection of old exhibits. If you climb to the top tier of the roof that will be able to see Wuhan from the height of bird flight. For a small fee the locals allow tourists to hit in a Buddhist bell, which is key to a happy life according to the Chinese mythology.