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Taihu Lake

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Taihu is the largest lake located in the Delta of Yangtze river and covers an area of over 2200 square kilometers. With such massive amounts of Taihu has a maximum average depth of only two meters, being the third largest fresh body of water along with the Poyang and Dongting. Nearby cities - Wuxi, Suzhou, Yixing and Shanghai.

In the Central part of the lake is the island whose inhabitants for centuries grown green tea varieties Bilochun, popular around the world due to its healing properties. For tourists the island is open and anyone can visit the large plantations to communicate with local people and learn about the nuances of tea leaves processing. To get to the island is via a bridge crossing Taihu.

Another attraction of the lake - cliffs of limestone strange shapes, scattered on the water surface. There is still no reliable data on the age of these unique rock formations. The rocks serve not only decorate Taihu, but also perform a utilitarian function, as local craftsmen use the limestone from the rocks as a material for decorating gardens and parks.

The temperature in the lake in the summer warmed up to 31 degrees and winter temperatures drop below 5 degrees. Such climatic conditions are beneficial to the development of the fishing industry. Most of the inhabitants of the small villages around the lake are working in this field. It is worth noting that experts in hydrology recorded in the lake more than 90 Islands, which testifies to the ancient origin of Taihu.