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Temple Of Heaven (Tiantan Park)

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The temple of Heaven, the perfect forms and popularity, it became one of the main symbols of Beijing.

Originally, the Temple of Heaven served as a universal: it was the place of prayer Storm, Clouds, Sky, Earth, etc. Subsequently, it was decided to divide one large Church into several smaller ones. So, the Temple of Heaven left on the outskirts of the city from the South. The rounded shape became a symbol of the heavenly powers.

Temple of Earth was built on the outskirts on the North side, and its square shape became the personification of the forces of the Earth. This is in some sense connected with the ancient belief that heaven is round, earth - square. Only a small part of the temple was occupied by altars and buildings, and the rest of the temple area was made a Park.

The name of the temple Tiantan correctly translated as "Altar of the Sky". Its construction was completed in 1421, and the Imperial Palace. Once in the temple of the emperors brought the gifts of Heaven and earnestly prayed about the harvest.

Temple of Heaven stands in a small distance directly from the Imperial Palace. For five centuries the winter solstice, the Emperor, at the end of three days of strict fasting, attending the temple, in order to bestow the Sky with lavish gifts. Since ancient times believed that the Sky is worthy to speak only of the emperors, which, according to local beliefs and traditions, the divine origins — that's why only he is allowed to go to Heaven with a prayer for the prosperity of the country.

In contrast to the yellow-and-red buildings of the Palace Museum in Beijing, are dominated by blue color, the form of the altar round - all these symbolize Heaven, with whom the Emperor communicates. The main buildings of the complex can be called Tsinandali (Reaping prayer), Hancunhe (the Great Heaven), Jigun (Palace to carry the post), etc.

Temple Hancunhe includes the famous “Stone of the triple echo”. A “returning Wall of sound” is remarkable here: no matter how quiet you speak to the wall, the person with the opposite of her clearly hear every word.

The adjacent Park is an amazing place: come here early in the morning, you can watch the lovers of traditional gymnastics, and in the evening you can meet musicians, singers, locals have fun with the games - from cards to badminton.