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Garden Jade Buddha

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Garden jade Buddha is a temple where the largest Buddha made of jade, weighing up to 260 tons. The sculpture is also named "Jade Emperor" and was created in 1995.

Anshan iron and Buddha of jade reaches a height of 7.95 metres and of 6.88 meters wide. The thickness of the statues of 4.1 meter. The Shrine was carved of stone, total weight of which was equal to 261 ton - little more than ready Buddha.

To create a figure was used seven colors - three shades of yellow, white, green, blue and black. Engaged in manufacturing of the Buddha more than a hundred sculptors for twenty seven months.

Due to the fact that the material has an extremely high viscosity, mineral fragments is extremely difficult treatable. However, this property instructs the jade its durability and strength.

The jade Buddha is officially registered in the famous Guinness Book of records as the largest Buddha made of this material. The stone was brought from a suburban County Suang.

In addition to the sculptures, you can see the lake that lies in front of the temple is a popular place for tourists and residents for walks on catamarans and boats. Here equipped playgrounds, planted flower beds - in short, the area around the Church is refined and blends in well with the very complex and mountainous terrain.

Original name of this Park "219" - is a reference to the February 1948. It was then that Anshan finally was finally liberated from the Japanese.

Visiting the temple is available for a fee, but walking through the giant Park is absolutely free. It should also be remembered that to enter any sacred buildings should be left foot and leaving the right.