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National Park Laoshan

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In the South-Eastern part of Shandong Peninsula, is one of the most famous attractions of China, which is a unique national Park called Laoshan. The center of this place is considered a sacred mountain of the same name, which for several centuries was venerated by the representatives of Taoism and is still considered a place of special energy. According to popular legend, on top of the mountain is inhabited by the deity to help people in difficult situations.

Laoshan is the highest mountain located on the coast of the Yellow sea, and its height is about 1100 metres. The Park complex includes an ancient monastery Tauzin, built during the reign of the song dynasty and the Palace of great Purity. We should also mention the Three pavilions of the gods, the Taoist Trinity and the Three emperors, featuring a traditional Chinese style.

In the Northern part of the Park, visitors can see the picturesque district of Battusai with many cascading waterfalls, streams, ponds, ancient trees and arched bridges. The beauty of these places impresses tourists from all over the world. Especially at a shared natural landscape stands out waterfall Pool Dragon flowing down along the stone wall, creating an interesting sound effect.

Also quite a popular attraction of the Park is the cave of Buddha Naluoyan created in natural conditions for centuries. In the upper part of the cave is a small hole, which is formed, according to local residents, a special mystical way. When the sun shines through this hole, the cave is filled with magical light. On top of Laoshan are healing mineral springs, the water of which is able to cure many diseases.