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Poyang Lake

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Poyang is the pride of freshwater in the world China, since the lake is considered the largest and covers an area of almost 5000 square kilometers. The reservoir is located on the right coast of the Yangtze river and the nearest large settlement is the city of Nanan. Due to the channel linking Poyang from the Yangtze river, the water of the lake is periodically updated. Therefore, the area at different times of the year can vary from 2,000 to 5,000 square kilometers. The length of the lake is 120 km, width - 17 km. During the year, the depth of Poyang also varies on average from 8 to 25 meters.

The greatest attraction for tourists reservoir gets in the autumn, when the whole of China lake flew a variety of multi-million flock of birds. Here you can see the representatives of almost all species of birds: swans, cranes, gulls, cranes, geese etc. With the aim to look at this unique natural phenomenon tourists sent to the shores of Poyang. However, the recreational infrastructure around the lake is developed very poorly, so the only option to get acquainted with untouched nature Poyang - travel by boat accompanied by a local guide.

Locals still there is a legend that in some parts of the lake disappear ships and fishermen, and in summer in the center of Poyang, a deep funnel, is drawn into its depths all that it gets in the way.

Since 2002, the Chinese government carefully monitors the ecological situation around the lake. In accordance with the laws of the PRC fishing and hunting within this water body is strictly prohibited. A violation of this rule is punishable up to imprisonment for a few days.