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Aquarium Water world Guangzhou is a place where you can harmoniously combine classes with tourism, quality recreation, educational component and an environmental study.

The aquarium is the zoo of Guangzhou, with an area of over 13,000 square meters. Built in 1998, it immediately earned the warm affection and high esteem as locals and visitors alike.

Here contain more than 10,000 sea creatures, which are divided into 200 species and among them are many rare and valuable species. The aquarium has a section of sharks and seals, an aquarium with decorative fish, tunnel - circular corridor for review, hall for performances of animals artists, and so forth.

First, visitors to the aquarium are colorful tunnel with coral reefs surrounded by marine flora and fauna of the South China sea. Giant glass acrylic will literally allow you to plunge into the stunning world of coral reefs, striking imagination. You will be able to consider in detail the inhabitants of the aquarium through the transparent floor, allowing to estimate the volume of the aquarium. Following further through the tunnel, you find yourself in a small aquarium with a length of 18 meters. It is inhabited by predators in reef caves.

The first level tunnel dedicated to the life of the sea. On the second level you will plunge into the world of freshwater reservoirs. Artificially created world of corals of aquarium Water world that combines the amazing beauty of the reefs, makes you stop to take some pictures for memory.

Large marine life that inhabit the Aquarium Sharks, with their life you will be able to see two luxury panoramic Windows. Rays, sharks and other large predators circling just a few inches from the faces of the visitors of the aquarium. Going further, you will see a Dolphin which jumps more than 7 meters of depth. This is the first room of this type, executed in ultra-modern style, where the artists speak Dolphin in a pair of sea lion.