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The monastery complex in Shanghai

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Jing'an temple, or the Temple of peace and tranquility, is the center of Buddhism in Shanghai and is the oldest temple complex located in Jing'an district. Jing'an temple was founded back in 247 BC, when the territory of ancient China was dominated by the three kingdoms era. The temple was initially located on the coast of Suzhou river, and in 1216 was transferred to the city by decree of the Emperor, who belonged to the dynasty of southern song.

During the reign of the Qing dynasty buildings of the complex were exposed to significant reconstruction and in the Church there are new architectural elements. However, the final restoration of Jing'an refers to 2010 and is considered the most successful, as masters not only managed to almost fully restore all the buildings, but also to keep the overall concept.

At the moment the centre of the complex are three monastery (Temple of Heavenly kings, the Shrine of the Three Saints, the Temple of Good deeds), made in the classic Buddhist style. Around each of the temples is a small courtyard, around which are scattered the other attractions. Jing'an temple is famous among tourists for its unique statue of the Guanyin goddess made out of camphor tree, a bronze bell that belonged to the Hongwu Emperor, the jade Buddha monument and numerous steles of the Buddha, made of stone.

A great cultural value for Buddhists is the Main hall, as it is here are main rituals associated with offerings to the deities. For tourists, the territory of the temple complex is open daily, however, when you visit Shanghai it is necessary to strictly abide by the rules.