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Museum of the city of Suzhou is one of the key attractions of the city, designed by renowned architect Yeo Ming Sing, a concept that was bold decision to place the building in the center of the old city, creating a sleek design in eco-style. For the construction of the new Museum were involved in the mansion of a former member of the Taiping uprising If Suchana.

The outer facade of the Museum are made of environmentally friendly materials, such as gray, natural stone, tiling and plasterer, made on the basis of natural components. In General, the Museum is an interconnected system of pavilions, courtyards, reservoirs and other facilities. The main goal of Yeo Ming Pei was to link ideas of modernism with the traditions of classical architecture of China. Due to this, the building fits perfectly into the overall flavor of the old city.

In large areas with an area of 2600 square meters are located numerous collections numbering more than 30,000 different relics belonging to different periods of China's development. Among the most popular of isolated artifacts such as the collection of oldest books and documents unique works of calligraphers, original porcelain and jade, miniature figurines of porcelain, etc.

Currently, the Museum constantly adds to the collection, carefully collecting exhibits from all parts of China. A visit to the Museum will bring real pleasure not only to lovers of culture of China, but also ordinary visitors who wish to learn more about the historical past of China.