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East lake

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East lake is one of the main lakes in the suburbs of Wuhan, part of the largest freshwater lakes of China. The lake is located on the southern coast of the Yangtze river and has long attracted tourists with its beauty. The total area of the reservoir is about 90 square kilometers, 33 of which are occupied by water space. Every year come to the lake over a million visitors, which allowed the city leadership to set the object status of the tourist attractions of class 5A.

Climatic conditions in the area conducive to a comfortable rest, as well as the development of the fishing industry. Most of the local residents are fishermen, and traders of sovereign products. In a small shop you can buy such traditional symbols, such as Chinese knot, porcelain figurines, bells etc.

It is worth noting that around the lake there are more than 300 species of rare plants: lotuses, osmanthus, orchids. Near the lake is a Park which is divided into thematic zones. The most famous of them - "the Hills of Luchon", "Tinta", "Diving Wild Goose", "White Horse" and "the hill of the Millstone". The Park is known for the memorial "Tomb of Nine Brave Women", which became the last refuge of the brave women who participated in the war against the Manchurian invaders (1850-184.). Also in the Park you can see numerous pavilions, dine in the cosy restaurant, taste the delicious fish caught in the lake and enjoy the scenery. In the area of "Garden of friendship" many tourists take part in the planting of young trees that create the main part of the landscaping of the Park.