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The Imperial Palace Museum of Manchukuo

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The Imperial Palace of Manchukuo is located in the North-East of Changchun and represents the Central attraction of this city. Until that time, when the Palace became a unique Museum complex, within its walls was the residence of the last Emperor of China named PU Yi, who for several years was the ruler of Manchukuo, and lived in the Palace from 1932 to 1945. The state of Manchukuo was established on the North-East of China after the capture by the Japanese imperialists in this part of the country.

Its doors as a Museum of the Imperial Palace opened in 1984, after several renovations and improvements. The total investment in the project amounted to about 600 million yuan, which at the time was a colossal sum. In addition to the Museum, the building is a research center dedicated to the study of the culture and history of the state of Manchukuo. The total area of the Palace complex is more than 136 thousand square meters, which indicates the scale of the project.

The entire Museum consists of 10 buildings constructed in various architectural styles, ranging from Gothic to traditional Chinese buildings. On the Palace grounds you can see the Racecourse and numerous canteens for workers, galleries that store the old and other examples of painting, a tennis court, swimming pool, Sal stones, as well as scenic areas with green spaces and century old trees. Every year the Palace is visited by more than 300 thousand tourists, which celebrates the grandeur and cultural significance of the complex.