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The history of the Museum of Tsingtao beer has its roots in the beginning of XX century, when the famous brewing company of Germany has launched production of beer. In the end the plant was built in accordance with European technologies and is today considered one of the leaders in China for the production of beer.

In the future, the plant's management decided to create a Museum, which is now on the street, Denjo and daily attracts thousands of tourists. Initially, the Museum fulfilled an advertising function, as the number of visitors grew and, accordingly, beer lovers Qingdao Branch too.

The designers who worked on the building project, managed to bring to life a unique concept that combines European and Oriental architectural traditions. Construction began in 2002, and in 2003, the Museum opened its doors to the first visitors. Total area of Museum is about 6000 square meters, which houses a display depicting the history of brewing, the development of the plant, making beer according to German technology, etc. noteworthy is the hall, which will include antique equipment, including fermenting basins, barrels, tubs and other fixtures that can make a natural beer with no added chemicals.

In the spacious lobby of the Museum you can see a small store with brewing products, where visitors are offered to taste the best Beers, as well as purchase at a reasonable cost Souvenirs about the Museum.