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Zhongshan Park

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History Zhongshan Park has more than 100 years, as originally in 1898 on the site of today's sights was a small village, which later became the site of a Park. A significant role in the construction of the Ngoma played German troops seized Qingdao. The Germans took the decision to purchase rural land ownership and the construction of a magnificent landscape complex with an area of about 40,000 square meters. At the same time the Park had opened more than 200 thousand seedlings of rare trees and flowers from all over the world. This fact allowed to draw in the future from Juniana beautiful complex, which to this day fascinates visitors.

The most significant event was the planting of 20,000 seedlings of the amazing Japanese cherry blossoms imported from Japan and is one of the most beautiful flowering trees. Alley Sakura preserved and now attracts the attention of tourists is no less than other objects located in the Park.

In 1922, Qingdao was fully under the control of Chinese authorities, and this was the main reason why in 1929 the Park was named Zhongshan in honor of a famous military leader sun Yat-sen, whose name at birth sounded like sun Zhongshan. This important event shows the monument erected in the Central part of the Park.

Daily in Zhongshan receives a significant number of the tourists for a ride on fun rides, walk along a shady alley, and to relax from the Madding crowd, to enjoy the gorgeous views, and you can spend time in a quiet environment surrounded by nature.