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Garden Stone Lions

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Garden Stone lions is located in the North-Eastern part of Suzhou and sanjeet 4 in the world in gardens of this type, created by all the rules of traditional landscape art. The history of the founding of the garden is rooted in the middle of the XIV century when a monk Tianru prayed on a cliff in the form of a lion, and in a moment of clarity befell the ordinances of the Buddhist sutras. In the future, the monk noticed that near this place is full of rocks, similar in shape to a lion. Then Tianru together with his followers took the decision to create a space that would become a source of inspiration for poets and artists of the time.

After the death Tianru unique garden was launched only in 1989, another monk named Mensing found funds to restore the garden. To this end, the garden was reconstructed an ancient temple and has new areas. In the eighteenth century the son of the Governor of Changjo purchased the garden and has long been his master. Later, however, the official went bankrupt and with it the garden has been abandoned again. The most favorable period began in the first half of the twentieth century, when the Chinese government invested in the restoration of the attractions of a major means.

Currently the garden occupies about 10 thousand square kilometers, in which are such pavilions as the "Kingdom of rockeries", "joy", "Welcoming the flowering plums", etc. Each pavilion is a unique work of art that combines the spirit of antiquity and the natural beauty of the stone buildings.