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Yangshuo is a tiny ancient village located 70 km from the resort city of Guilin. Translated from Chinese the name of the settlement sounds like "bright moon".

The legend says that Yangshuo was founded in the era of the sun, more than 1500 years ago. Is surrounded by the legendary Chinese karst hills village on a picturesque coast of Lijiang river, Here, in the vicinity of the village, you can see the unique terraced fields where rice grows.

For a long time Yangshuo remained unknown to the world village, where he proceeded as usual measured life is busy from day to day of the Chinese peasants. As time went on, and in the 80-ies of the past century information about this village first appeared in the popular Lonely Planet travel guide, therefore, began to grow, the number of visitors from the West of tourists.

The locals began to open a café and accommodation that significantly influenced the internal and external appearance of the village for several decades Yangshuo is a comfortable place with a developed infrastructure, without losing an ounce of charm that was characteristic of ancient settlements.

Among the main features of this area can be called the karst peaks is a limestone rock, which for centuries were eroded, so purchased such a beautiful and unusual look. Their total number is 18. Internal wash water in the karst mountains and caves, which become natural attractions in the surrounding area of Yangshuo.

If we talk about entertainment, in Yangshuo, a lot of them - you can rent a scooter or Bicycle to explore the scenic surroundings of the village, and you can arrange a rafting on a bamboo raft on one of the purest rivers of China - the Li river. Not less common here climbing and have the opportunity to climb up in a balloon and enjoy the view of this corner of the planet.