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The city wall of Xian

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The city wall of the Ming is one of the attractions of XI'an. From the city walls with exceptional views of the city, you can see Drum tower and bell tower. Captures the spirit of the impressive panorama.

A similar wall existed in Beijing, but it was destroyed during the construction of the metro. So the city wall in Xian is the only Chinese city walls, which survived until our days.

Originally the wall was built, as all city walls to protect the city from attacks. The wall height is 12 meters, width about 15 meters at the base, and a length of nearly 12 kilometers. Originally the wall was built using earth, which is rammed tightly when styling. Then design lined with brick.

On each side the walls were created by gate for entering the city: Anyuan on the North side, Johnny South, Uniden and West Changle the East side of the city. All gates were equipped with bridge lifting mechanism, a deep moat and stone bag. At the corners of the walls were made of watchtowers, each of which has a small military garrison. The towers served as observation posts.

In the wall also created a special passage for the horses. Steps were made so that a horse could safely be walked on. All these passages was 11.

Today, the wall is left there just as the local attractions. During restoration in 1983 there was established a Park for pleasant walks and the restoration of the tower at the gate. In addition, on the territory of the city wall Marathon is held, where participants must overcome three full circle along the wall.

Night City wall of Xian because of the color of the backlight looks even more beautiful and mysterious.