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Monkey island

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Monkey island is undoubtedly a popular place for tourists. Located near Sanya city, this nature reserve is the only place in the world where monkeys live in their normal natural environment and not afraid to get close to people.

To reach the island using boat or cable car. By the way, the cable car is a separate attraction. Its length is 2138 m. to get a cable car ride to Monkey island, you will need just 6 minutes. At this time you can admire the beautiful views of the ocean and mountains.

On the island with an area of 1000 hectares is home to approximately 2000 monkeys. They are all at liberty in natural conditions, among rocks and trees. Monkeys freely come to the people, so visitors should adhere to some rules of behavior on the island. For example, it is undesirable to have on a shiny jewelry or a watch that they are not pulled curious animals. Their interest can also cause cameras, water bottles and other small things. In addition, feed the monkeys on their own not. You can only buy food for them and give the employee reserve, which will immediately feed the monkeys.

Another tourist attraction on the island is a show of trained monkeys who amaze with their dexterity and wit. And some of the monkeys even know how to swim breaststroke. Of course, this attraction is especially popular with the children.

Tourists usually come back from the island by boat by the wonderful restaurant, which is located right on the water. This is a quiet place, visitors are offered different seafood dishes. This fried oysters, and steamed fish, and fish porridge, and much more.