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Gulangyu Island

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Gulangyu island is a small territory measuring about two square kilometres and is a true Paradise, where you can find a harmonious combination of natural beauty with buildings made in European style. The island is located in the South China sea, close to Xiamen (Fujian province). In the second half of the XIX century on the territory of the Island the first Europeans landed in trade. As a rule, merchants later began to lead a settled way of life and actively spread Western culture among the local population, which consisted mainly of poor peasants.

Opulent palaces in classic Italian-style architecture, shops and stores, a soccer field, a music school for the piano - all this legacy left to the island by European colonizers. During the second world war, the Island was occupied by Japanese troops and a part of the island was destroyed. However, the main architectural concept was maintained.

Today the island is home to about 20 thousand inhabitants, which is with special pride are monuments built many years ago by aliens. For tourists the Island is especially attractive because there are well-known statue of Zheng Changana, the ruins of the barracks Zheng Changana, as well as in China, the only Museum dedicated to pianos. The island is famous for its excellent environmental conditions, as in Gulangyu, there is no public transport. You can move by using electric vehicles or bike. Visiting this amazing place, you will be able to get acquainted with examples of European architecture, but also to be alone with nature away from the noise of modern civilization.