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Arhat temple

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The heart of Chongqing (people's street) is the main Buddhist monastery of the city, known among the locals as the temple of the Arhats or Luohan si. The construction of attractions has begun in 1065 and continued for several years, after which the temple was inaugurated in a solemn ceremony in the presence of important persons in the world of Buddhism.

The temple complex occupies territory with a total area of about 6300 square kilometers. The main difference between the Tub Sy from other buildings of this type is the fact that inside the temple there are more than 520 statues Arhats depicted in full growth and in a variety of poses. The face of each of the people executed in the naturalistic style, and reflects all the fine emotions. According to one of the well known Buddhist legend, the man passed inside the temple for a special trail will gain complete absolution and enlightenment.

The inner space of the Tub Sy is decorated in blue and gold colours, which testifies to the traditional Chinese style. In the Central hall of the temple is the Golden Buddha statue, which stands in front of a special niche of incense for sacrifices to the gods. At the main gate you can see the high steles of lions, guarding the entrance to the Basin Sy.

Annually the temple complex is visited by a significant number of tourists, wishing to become more closely acquainted with the peculiarities of Buddhism and to see the unique statue of Arhat. Visit the monastery at any time, but you must carefully observe the rules set out in the Tub Sy.