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The Temple Of The White Clouds

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The White Cloud temple was built in 741, when China rules the Emperor Swansson (Imperial Tang dynasty). The original name of the temple was "Temple of Heavenly Eternity", then it was renamed into "the tai Chi Palace".

To the modern day came not that temple that was built from the beginning, because he was subject to constant reconstruction, destruction and restorations. The first time the Church was damaged during a fire in year 1202 and was rebuilt on the orders of Genghis Khan. The new building was rebuilt with 1203 in 1216 and was called the "Palace of Changchun".

During the wars waged by the Imperial Ming dynasty, the temple was once again destroyed, the whole was only one room Chu Santan. Therefore, the government of the Empire, issued a decree on the rehabilitation of the building and renaming it the "Temple of White Clouds". New construction has begun around the surviving room of the hall of Chu Santana.

In 1443, according to the Imperial order Insuna of the Ming dynasty, the temple was once again renovated. On the main wall there was an iron plate, stating "the Building was built on the orders of Insona". Currently the temple looks exactly as it was in 1706.

The area of the temple and temple buildings is approximately 70,000 square meters. The territory consists of the Central, Western, Eastern areas and a rear garden. In the "Temple of White Clouds" about 19 additional pavilions, facilities and halls. The temple is famous for its rich library, where there are around 5 thousand rare pieces.

Since 1949 the government of China began to place new reforms, among which was freedom of faith. In parallel with these reforms came new laws on the preservation of cultural and historical values. Under the programme for the restoration of the temple in 1956 and 1981 was allocated a lot of money. During the "Cultural revolution" the temple building was not affected due to the fact that it was part of the military.

For tourists and guests of the temple opened in 1984, you can visit it all without exception. Now the "Temple of White Clouds" is protected by China government.