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The temple of the goddess A-MA

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The temple of the goddess A-MA is perhaps one of the oldest in Macau. The Palace of the goddess built over six centuries ago, during the Ming dynasty in the late FOURTEENTH century, Macau was given to Portugal to rent.

There is a legend that a girl And MA tried to get on the ship, which was heading to Canton. But wealthy shipowner refused. Sorry girl, kind and humble fisherman, inviting her to cross the river in his boat. Everywhere the raging wind and the storm, and around the boat, which was carrying the girl and the fisherman, was absolutely calm sea. Once the boat reached the shore, the girl suddenly turned in to a goddess that is the guardian of fishermen and sailors, who in her honor on this spot was built a temple.

Several pavilions and halls for prayers, the components of all the premises of the temple located at the foot of the hill. The main constructions of the temple is called the Hall of Generosity, Memorial Arch, a Buddhist pavilion and the Hall of Guanyin. Before the actual temple complex is a square, paved with red and gray boulders, brought here from Portugal. The pattern is laid out on the pavement, reminiscent of sea waves.

The architectural style of the Church was designed in the Chinese tradition is a beautiful and small towers with upturned up roofs. Here today in honor of the goddess - protector of sailors holding services. The cult of the goddess A-MA is supported in the other, located near Macau, China. It is believed that the goddess protects the city, so the fishermen are obliged to worship.

The temple is surrounded by stone sculptures of lions, guarding the Holy place from the bustle and turmoil of life usual, give visitors a sense of inner harmony with the world.

When China celebrated the New year, this temple receives an incredible number of pilgrims, who pray for happiness and luck in the coming year.