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At a distance of 30 kilometers from Suzhou, is an amazing ancient town Zhouzhuang located very near to the Hotel. The fame of this town spread quickly all over China thanks to the romantic atmosphere and beauty of the urban landscape. The heyday of Zhouzhuang is related to XI century, when one of the wealthy residents named Zhou Degun agreed to donate to local authorities a large plot of land. This contributed to the further development of the city in economic and trade fields.

Later, Zhouzhuang became a center of wealthy intellectuals, famous artists and public servants. Each of the residents has contributed to the architectural landscape, which is striking in its originality. Numerous bridges of white stone, narrow streets of cobbled stones, twisted arch, outbuildings period, the sun, the luxurious mansions of the wealthy - all of this is very different from other Zhouzhuang ancient settlements of China. It is a big area of the city located on the water, and instead of roads, the people, as a rule, use water. Why Zhouzhuang is often called "Chinese Venice".

In the evening the whole city is illuminated with colored lights, which reflected in the water with thousands of lights, creating around himself a magical space. Tourists prefer to come to Zhouzhuang for a few days in order to admire the picturesque scenery, get acquainted with the customs of the local population, to look at old buildings and feel the historic spirit of this unusual place.