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National art Museum of China

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National art Museum of China Museum of the national level. The main activity of this center is exhibiting and collecting art, as well as research activities. The Museum is interesting in that it presented Chinese contemporary art, and various artifacts.

The total area of the Museum complex - about 7000 square meters, which has 20 departments of various subjects. These departments represent different periods and types of art, such as: lithography, painting, paintings, Spring Festival, sculpture, pencil sketches and comics, posters, iconography, painting lacquer ware, and watercolors.

The construction of the Museum was begun in 1958 and finished in 1962. The opening was timed to the tenth anniversary of the founding of the PRC. Art Museum of China has become one of 10 sites that are exactly the same was built by this date. The Museum holds exhibitions of many famous foreign and Chinese artists.

National Museum of art - the largest Museum on this subject in China. After a year break, during which was held the reconstruction of the Museum, it reopened its doors to guests in July 2003. Inside the Museum is divided into 3 levels: lower, middle and upper.

The building itself is decorated with the Ionian Islands, which mimics the Chinese architectural style. The roof and upper part of the building is decorated with yellow tiles covered with glaze. Around the building there are many pavilions, furnished in antique style.