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Shamian Island

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Shamian island is separated from Guangzhou city modern bridge long 900 meters, which is the link between the island and the mainland. Shamian has a long and interesting history, which began during the colonial China. In 1861, the island had on the one hand, England and the UK. On-site Sumana conducted mass construction of buildings, mansions, shops, made in the traditional European style. Local residents did not favor Chinese neighbors, so night time access to the island was forbidden, and the entrance was closed with massive gates.

The situation changed only in 1949, when the Chinese government was returned to Shamian, China and the beginning of active development of the island and the settlement of local residents. Unusual in European buildings is still living wealthy Chinese, who consider their homes a Western luxury. Most of the buildings in 1996 received the status of architectural monuments protected by the state.

Currently, Shamian is a unique "piece" of European culture, which harmoniously blended elements of Chinese architecture. Wide boulevards, colourful illuminations, beautiful views of the Pearl river, the majestic cathedrals, original bronze sculptures - all this can be seen strolling around the island. Tourists come here in the first place for new experiences, because in China there is no longer any island with such a pronounced European dimension. The entrance to Shamian is absolutely free, allowing you to walk the streets of the island the whole day enjoying beautiful views.