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National Museum of China

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National Museum of China, located in Beijing, is not only the largest Museum in China, but also the most visited by number of tourists coming here annually. The Museum is located in the Central part of Beijing, close to Tiananmen square. In the vast territory of seventy thousand square meters of priceless exhibits covering a vast historical layer.

With the aim of creating such a large project in 2003, the Beijing authorities adopted a decision to merge the Museum of the Chinese revolution and National Museum of Chinese history. This was erected a separate building, whose length is about 300 meters, and 150 meters wide.

Among the many exhibits, the most famous ritual bronze tripod Ding, weighing more than 800 pounds. The age of this unique item goes back to 3000 years, evidence of its belonging to the Shang dynasty. Also a collection of ancient bronzes wine vessel complement square shape, decorated with sheep heads on all sides, and a gold-plated label in the form of a tiger. On one of the floors is such relics as costume with gilt braid, designed for burial, and a large collection of fine Chinese porcelain.

Of particular interest to historians cause Jade Prince, found in Hebei province in the second middle of the XX century. Initially, the archaeologists found the burial of the Prince of Zhongshan and his wife Dou WAN, who were dressed in clothes consisting of a plurality of cut pieces of jade connected by a Golden thread. This exhibit is still actively being studied by researchers, as is the national heritage of China.