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Porcelain house

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In 2007, the street Chifeng Street (Tianjin) appeared the original structure, which now bears the name "the Porcelain house" (China Porcelain House, Yuebao House). The idea of a bold art project belongs to the famous Chinese businessman and owner of the company Yueweixian the Zhang Lianji. Fascinated with a long time of collecting porcelain, Lenci decided to realize his childhood dream by creating a home where every item is made from the finest of porcelain. For this, he purchased in Tianjin century-old mansion worth about 1 million yuan, which previously housed the Bank and the Ministry of Finance.

Reconstruction of the building began with the exterior facade. The designers had a difficult task: to create from the smallest pieces of porcelain figures of dragons and place them on the roof. Today, these dragons adorn the unique building, coiling in the air. The length of each figure is 768 meters and the width varies from 70 to 80 centimeters. On each wall is made of an amazing mosaic of 350 million fragments of old China and crystal.

The interior of the house requires special attention. Porcelain lovers can find here everything: old bowls, vases of various heights and sizes, antique lions and the statue of the Buddha made of white marble, and other antique items. The total cost of the investment businessman in the construction, is about 2.5 billion yuan. Porcelain house is one of the famous places to visit in Tianjin, as the building operates daily as a Museum.