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White Horse Temple (Baimasi)

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White Horse temple is a Buddhist temple, one of the first built in China. Founded the temple in Luoyang under the patronage of Emperor Ming di (the personal name of Liu Zhuang) in 68 year of our era.

There are some interesting beliefs about the origin of the name of the monastery. Liu Zhuang had a dream, woke up after which he immediately sent to India by his faithful subjects, so they found out all about the mysterious teachings, rumors of which continued to spread among the population of China. The messengers returned, but not alone, together with Buddhist monks carrying their sacred books on white horses, in whose honor the temple got its name.

Another legend directly related to the emergence and spread of Buddhism in China. Emperor Chau Wang, ruler of the Tang dynasty saw an unusually bright halo of light in the sky. Court astrologers predicted the birth of a Holy man. And also the fact that the teaching which will follow this man, to spread in China. The prediction was recorded in the Royal record book. Later, it turned out that this year in India, was born Gautama Buddha.

The temple, though small in size, according to most believers, is the "cradle of Chinese Buddhism". The temple grounds - 13 acres. The facades of the temple faces to the South. Before entering the temple there are the statues and stone horses.

The temple has several halls: "Hall of Six founders of the Hall of Mahavira and Hall of Greetings", "Hall of the jade Buddha Hall of the Heavenly Kings", and a repository of ancient Scriptures. Behind the main hall there are "Cool and Clear terrace", which is also known as "terrace TINLEY". Four-side terraces lined with green bricks. The terrace is also a Pavilion Kanlu, East and West of which there are halls with statues of the two eminent monks of Matenga Sheng and Zhu Falana. The two were buried at the gate of the temple.

In the main hall on the altar are placed three statues: in the center stands a statue of Shakyamuni Buddha between the statues of Manjushri and Bodhisattva Samantabhadra. Monks still is a huge bell weighing more than a ton, which was installed near the altar in the time of Emperor Jiajing of the Ming dynasty.