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The Changchun world sculpture Park

Photos and description

In 2001 in Changchun created the original Park, not knowing analogues in the whole China. The project concept is based on the acquaintance of the visitors with samples of world sculpture, its development and cultural specificity. Geographically, the Park is located in the Nanguan district and covers an area of about 12,000 square meters. The key facility of the Park is a Museum that presents an extensive thematic collection including the history and technology of creating a variety of sculptures brought from different countries of the world.

Art lovers strikes a rich collection of objects showcasing unique items that are playing a major role in the development of culture. Annually held in the Park sculpture exhibition, which brings together not only specialists in the field of architecture, but also tourists. It is worth noting that the Museum staff conduct ongoing research work aimed at the preservation of cultural heritage of China. To this end, the government is investing in the development of scientific activities of significant funds.

After visiting the Museum, visitors are invited to take a fascinating trip in an electric car through the picturesque surroundings or take a stroll through the Park, enjoying the beautiful scenery. The most popular places are the area with waterfalls, pavilions, constructed in traditional Chinese style, flower greenhouses, and a pond inhabited by red carp.

Each of the sculptures in the Park is particularly significant and protected site of China, so the Park management has developed special rules for visitors.