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Gate Of China (Janhunen)

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Gate of China, or Junjaman (Zhonghuamen) are a symbol of Nanjing, and is located in the southern part of the city. Today the gate is considered the oldest in China, and it was built during the reign of the Ming dynasty as one of the parts of the defensive wall. Initially the building was called "Cubomania", which translated from Chinese means "Gate of the treasure". The main function of Janhunen was to protect the borders of the former capital of China.

The construction concept of the ancient masters was based on creating a powerful brick fortress, capable of withstanding long onslaught of the enemy. Therefore, the external Junjaman affect its fundamental nature and the simple, classic lines. Inside the gate there are several closed premises in which the Chinese army kept the food supplies and weapons during long defenses of the city. In the sections could fit at one time more than 3000 soldiers, which indicates the scale of the project. These sections were still in excellent condition and now there are themed mini-museums with different exhibits of Ming.

Visitors Junjaman encouraged not only to explore the colossal architecture of buildings, but also to try their hand at archery and other unique weapons. On request you can have lunch in a small cafe, located close to the gate. Most of the time, usually tourists spend walking through priletevshiy the wall and the old Chinese quarter, in which are preserved samples of the traditional architecture.